KoMeTeC GmbH
Engineering & Innovation

The Work.

We develop, design, and produce according to your standards and specifications

Since 2007 we generate creative solutions with a great look and feel just for you.

We use state-of-the-art construction tools like SolidWorks and devolop and design machinery, jigs, master gauges and any customized task in three dimensions.

An example - amongst many others - is our very special Fixing- and Positioning System.

Furthermore we are engaged in engineering as well as rehab technology, building and acoustic irradiation industries, and finally spectacles for pupillography and micro-technolgies.

Our engineering work combines creative solutions and stylish design with matching and secure functionality. Individual parts or components can be integrated and do match with existing working processes, resp. plants.

In case you have to handle a bottleneck towards your dead-line - we're your partner to settle this situation.

  • KXGH Drehschwenkgelenk
  • KXUH und KXGH kombiniert
  • KXGH-Halterungs- und Positionierungssystem
  • KXGH-Drehklemmbefestigung
  • KXGH-Gelenkhalter


Mechanical engineering and plant building - Production lines, Kinetic processes - Welding and metal parts.


We engineer and design according to your specification and demands:
Creative solutions with a stylish design.


Team up with us and bring your ideas into reality. Totally customized. Learn more here and see the show cases.


We take care of your projects. Completely. All included. From analysis, the production process, to the final product. On site, too.


These fine products we have designed for you:

Universal Fixing System

«KXUH» for positioning and fixing cameras, scanner or laser devices, etc.

Sensor Fixing System

«KXSH» for positioning and fixing cameras, scanner or laser devices, etc.

Joint Fixing System

«KXGH» for positioning and fixing cameras, scanner or laser devices, etc.


all microscope types

Centering Gadget

for tubes of Ø 8-70mm
and square pipes of 20-40mm

Beamerlift 3000

for elevator movement into any position. Possible assembly into ceiling, tables, and cabinets.


KX Series: specially developed for indsutrial image processing.

A fixing and positioning system for monitoring devices which covers every requirement.

The concept emerged from the daily routine. This fixing and positioning system had been developed through three years.

The system has proven its reliability in harshest environment yet.

After 12 months duty mounted to a vibrating machine no deviation from its initial positioning was detected.
The aim was to extinguish weak points of conventional fixing and positioning devices.

  • Basic set-up

    KXUH KXGH KXSH : combinable

    Modular system for fixing solutions of any application

  • Square Bars

    Square make instead of round bars<

    Avoid rotary twisting of an axial adjustment.

  • Fixing elements

    Separating clamp from base/mounting plate
    Designed 3 types of mounting plate covering all fastening at the plant
    no cross-reduction of gripping forces, avoiding «provisional» fixing

  • Fine Tuning

    Fine tuning horizontally and vertically(radial/axial) is possible

    Clear, repeatable and documentable positioning of monitoring devices is possible.


    • Horizontal positioning without clamping
    • Vertical positioning without clamping in connection with fine tuning is possible
  • Joint System

    Generating effective degrees of freedom upto 180°

  • Extendable Joint System

    • All positionen can be reached
    • All effective degrees of freedom can be adjusted
    • All adjustment devices are equipped with a scale to enable the documentation of any adjustment
    • Skale on every adjustment element / functional component